Welcome to Walled Lake Central's Student Council Website

Over the last 15 years Central has developed a culture of compassion that is second to none.  This attitude can be seen in the philanthropy work that we do, fundraisers that we organize, and compassion that is modeled by our students. Students who participate as members of council understand how to sacrifice personal gains for the greater good of their school and community.


During their time on council, students will recieve instruction in leadership and experience first-hand the impact of their hard work and dedication.  They volunteer directly with the community and greater Southeastern Detroit. 


Student council meetings are held during most SRTs in either the Media Center or room D108.  All students are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. 



As active members of the Walled Lake Central Student Council, we do hereby promise to invoke our ideas, creativity, and leadership to assist our school in remaining a student oriented, communication based establishment.  Additionally we will utilize our skills to set examples in the community, voice the opinion of the student body, and to foster an overall positive morale for all of Walled Lake Central through leadership amd philanthropy.



WLC Stu Co